A DVD of Priit Pärn’s Animated Films was Issued in France

The French studio Chalet Pointu and CaRTe blaNChe issued a DVD of films by Estonian animated film legend Priit Pärn. The retrospective includes all 12 of Pärn’s animated films and is entitled Priit Pärn Integral 1977-2010. The films are provided with English, French and Japanese subtitles. Additionally, the DVD includes 3 commercial clips, one film by Pärn’s students and two documentary films about Pärn. In addition to the films, a 20 page booklet is included with the DVD. The DVD is meant for primarily the French and Japanese markets.

In connection with the presentation of Priit Pärn’s DVD in Paris, Forum des Images also screened a selection of his earlier films on 6 and 7 December. The films Triangle (1982), 1895 (1995) and Karl and Marilyn (2003) were screened. Priit Pärn was also present himself in Paris as the guest of honour to introduce his films.

The Forum des Images was founded in 1988 to gather together an audio-visual memory bank in Paris. Different forms of film and moving pictures have been the focus of Forum des Images from the very beginning of its creation. Fiction films, documentaries, animated films, short and feature length films, television serials, computer films – all genres, formats and audio-visual disciplines have found their unique meeting place in order to share ideas and emotions. The Forum des Images is a place that both film industry professionals and the public appreciates.

The DVD presentation was organised in cooperation between Chalet Pointu and CaRTe blaNChe, the French-Estonian Society ( and the Estonian Embassy in Paris.

The DVD is available from Amazon (ärn-Integral-1977-2010/dp/B00H6MP4Z6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1386592926&sr=8-1&keywords=integral+1977-2010) and will very shortly be on sale at the Artis and Sõprus movie theatres.

Priit and Olga Pärn’s brand new animated film Pilots on the Way Home, which is being produced in cooperation with the National Film Board of Canada, will premiere in the spring of 2014 already!


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