Cartoon d’Or 2010 for Kaspar Jancis’s animated film Crocodile

The winner of the Cartoon d’Or 2010 was announced on 17 September 2010 during Cartoon Forum in Sopron, Hungary. Kaspar Jancis’s animated film Crocodile made at Eesti Joonisfilm Studio was selected as the winner from among 5 finalists.

The Cartoon d’Or is Europe’s animation award for the best animated film of the year. The award is also fondly referred to as the “Oscar of the animation world”. The finalists are selected from among the winning films from the 29 most important animated film festivals in Europe. This year’s finalists alongside Crocodile were Family Portrait, a film from Great Britain directed by Joseph Pierce (4’ 40’’), Logorama (16’ 5’’), a film that has attracted a great deal of attention, produced by Studio H5 in France, There Mann (20’) by Norwegian director Anita Killi, and Little Boy-Doll’s Story (18’) by Swedish director Johannes Nyholm.

Crocodile was completed at Eesti Joonisfilm Studio in 2009 and the Estonian Film Foundation and the Estonian Cultural Endowment provided support for its completion.

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